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Looking after the True Hero #LoveYourNerves

Looking after the True Hero #LoveYourNerves

In 2016, Self-care was still being described as a concept, an education for consumers that was yet to be truly harnessed. According to Darren Folker (GSK Sales Director) in an article describing the trends of the OTC Healthcare1, ‘the prophesied rise in self-care will eventually become a reality, with “macro global trends” – the rise in public knowledge of healthcare, pressure on health budgets and ageing populations – all supporting this theory’.

A campaign by Neurobion, ‘True Heroes Anthem’2 is becoming part of the movement of self-care and appreciating the stakeholders that are the consumers of its brand. #LoveYourNerves targets their consumers suffering with neuropathy with the message that to be a true hero for others, you need to look after yourself. The tag line ‘True Heros need a hero too’ recognises the efforts of ordinary people that do good things for others and remember that they deserve to be looked after too, by using the Neurobion products.

This clever marketing connects with consumers on an emotional level and through the value of relationships with our own personal hero’s. ‘We should be entering the brains of individuals and connecting to their deepest, most personal emotions and values, if we are to be one, very small, important part of their lives’ (Steve Sowerby, XPotential and The OTC Training Academy3).

The future of self-care depends on brand marketing, with Neurobion being a good example. Self-care is an education that is the responsibility of the OTC Pharmacy Brands, the pharmacies, the pharmacists and many other stakeholders that influence the patient consumers or the consumers carrying for the patients. Consumers can then connect with these brands with their wellbeing, with illness prevention and with recovery through an emotional attraction. The strongest attraction we have as consumers.

Want to learn more about key stakeholders?

The OTC Training Academy will be in Seoul on the 21st of September. The subject for our workshop will be “Winning in the OTC Pharmacy”, with a focus on the OTC Pharmacy Key Stakeholder and how to develop sales opportunities to add competitive advantage to our brands. Please contact to book your place.