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It is not new information that ‘the most under utilised resource in all of healthcare is the patient’ (Charles Safron MD). Since the 1970’s, certain doctors have been realising this, yet many still consider the patient a ‘third person’. Without this support from their doctors, patients are now taking control of their own health by using technology, connecting with other patients and searching for data.

It is a ridiculous notion to ignore the fact that our smartphones have taken over our personal lives. With everything at the end of our fingers, one click away, it is no surprise that they have become a way of connecting with our bodies and our health. A growing movement of websites, apps, and online forums/ support systems has enabled patients to be empowered in their recovery.

Example – ‘E-Patient Dave’* (David deBronkart) was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that had spread into his lungs, legs, even tongue. A search into WebMD gave him extremely bleak reassurance with his cancer being incurable, prognosis being poor and about 24 weeks left of life. With several searches, David kept receiving the same bleak information over and over. With the help of his doctor, he was actually prescribed an online community called, where he was able to explore and receive advice from cancer patients. Their support and ‘the power of patient networks’ meant that 4 years after diagnosis he was able to stand in front of an audience and tell people his story.

These ‘online patient communities allow users to discuss their diseases in depth, get social support, and discover new treatments, therapies, and health care providers’ (Timothy Dy Aungst, PharmD) and with examples like David overcoming cancer, it seems that this is an avenue that medical practitioners should be cultivating. It is time to harness online communities and create platforms where patients and medical practitioners can interact.

*Watch David deBronkart at to hear his story

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