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People Want More Healthcare Innovation

People Want More Healthcare Innovation

US adults want more healthcare innovation, suggests a Klick Health survey of over 1,000 people conducted by Maru / Matchbox. Only 17% of respondents think that health-related industries are currently the most innovative out of 18 industries examined. Health & wellness, pharmaceuticals and hospitals were seen as lagging behind consumer electronics, telecommunications and media & entertainment. However, respondents also said these should be in the top five industries. According to 91% of respondents, innovation will have a positive impact over the next five years, and almost half said it will help physicians better treat and diagnose patients, with another 20% saying it will help people manage and better care for their health and 19% saying it will help prevent disease.
Comment: For 70% of respondents, the biggest impact of innovation will be on helping them to personally manage their own health. However, only half indicated that technology has had a positive impact on their personal health and / or wellness, and only 41% have ever personally used innovative technology to help manage their health.

So its clear that our consumer healthcare teams need to brainstorm ways of embracing innovation and new technologies!