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Embrace the future of Disruptive Healthcare Giants

Embrace the future of Disruptive Healthcare Giants

The recent news that Amazon is ‘interested in entering healthcare’ has sent Global shockwaves through the industry but in reality we should not be surprised. If this was something new – the fact that digital technology will influence and direct healthcare has been clear for some years. These technology giants have been developing relationships with each of us in a way that is remarkable – effectively creating an addiction through our mobile phones.

Through the terabytes of data that are being collected on our behaviours and our physiologies, they are able to create deep understandings and insights, which they can turn into attractive and personalised healthcare solutions.

Yes – the traditional industry is effectively in crisis and will change – but crisis is the best fuel for innovation. Instead of fighting the inevitable, we have the opportunity to embrace the future and design our products, services, systems and people so that we leverage the technological platforms to connect more deeply with consumers through our Brands.


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