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Changing the Future for OTC in APAC

Changing the Future for OTC in APAC

The OTC Industry is still only growing at 4.3%, which is vastly under-representing the tremendous potential of this industry.

We had the opportunity to begin to change the future of OTC, with a team of 30 industry leaders and practitioners, at our Winning in the OTC Pharmacy workshop.

Working on a practical case, we developed consumer and shopper persona, customer profiles, category insights and developed Win Win Win opportunities to grow the probiotic category faster in the Thai market.

Situated in Bangkok, this training was focused on practical tools, tips, and techniques, which can be easily integrated into existing business cultures and across different categories of brands.

It was great to see participants from all different countries including Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. As well as representing different functions, including Sales, Distributor Teams, Trade Marketing, Consumer Marketing, Finance, Training & Development, R&D, and Agencies. This only goes to prove that building brands is a responsibility across the organisation and not limited to Marketing.

If the enthusiasm, attention, and application of these workshop individuals, is indicative of what they put into their daily lives and apply back in their businesses, the future for our industry is bright and we may achieve the rightful level of growth, which our communities demand for their wellbeing.