London: Transforming your Business – a guide to dramatically changing your healthcare business

We are going through seismic changes in consumer needs, retail customers, health systems and the roles of healthcare professionals.  All this has resulted in the blurring and merging of the traditional segments of our markets.  This means that we cannot continue to pigeonhole individuals as Consumers or Patients for wellness, CHC or the medical industries.  We have to rethink, reorganise and act with purpose in the most optimum ways to meet their needs along their journey to better health outcomes, whatever that means to each individual.   This pressure for change in CHC has never been greater, not only for innovation in our products, but also in how we transform our organisations and business models to best serve our communities.

Transforming your Business is a pivotal event from the CHC Training Academy. It is designed to guide the audience in how to ‘explode’ the boundaries of our classic CHC business models and to transform organisations that are built on purpose and focussed, not on how we add value to shareholders, but how we serve individuals with inspiring solutions and so build our brands and reputations in the communities we serve.


A dynamic full-day workshop in typical CHC Training Academy style, designed to deliver information, solutions and inspiration for leaders to propose change in their individual companies.


Based on real case studies, our experienced trainers will provide the participants with practical tools, tips and techniques.

The workshop programme will be as follows:

  1. Introduction: Why we have to transform to survive in CHC. Designing the brands / organisation / culture to meet consumer / patient needs and our vision for the future
  2. Case Study: A fictitious case of a small to medium-sized company, inspired by an anonymous but real example that has lost direction and is forced to ‘transform’ to grow. The participants are to act as the ‘internal consultants’ and to propose a number of solutions to bring the business ‘back to growth’
  3. Exploding out of our Box: Maximum 30 minutes presentation from a recognised expert in the particular topic, followed by Q&A
  • By M&A and Licensing: Expert who has experience working in M&A, in-licensing and out-licensing
  • By Collaboration: Expert who has worked in a collaborative role in big companies
  • By Innovation in our existing Products and Services: Expert with experience of Superclaiming or similar
  • By Transforming Culture, People and Processes: Expert in building culture in big companies, curating a transformed, high performing and sustainable organisation
  1. Group Work: Recommendations for the future strategy, culture and organisation for the Case Study
  2. Summary and Next Steps


Mid to senior level leaders; General Management, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, HR and Business Development

Investment Companies, Banks and Distributors


19 April 2023


8.30am - 6pm



Full rate: £850+VAT
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