Bucharest: Health Literacy – Driving Self-Care Forward

A good level of health literacy is the most important pillar of self-care. As such, it is the most common barrier to better self-care and better health outcomes. Health literacy is not just about being able to read and understand instructions on packaging. It’s also about understanding our own bodies and where to access the best and most reliable healthcare information and solutions.

We look forward to having you join us in this unique opportunity in Romania to develop ourselves, improve our communities health and build stronger brands.


Armed with practical and pragmatic tips, tools and techniques, the workshop participants of middle to senior level marketing and commercial managers, will develop solutions for a ‘real life’ case study based in the future but applicable for today.


Based on real case studies, our experienced trainers will provide the participants with practical tools, tips and techniques.

These will include a health literacy audit of OTC product categories communication, insights on thinking preferences of consumers and messaging design for targeted consumer groups.

We guarantee a return on the investment of your time in the workshop with opportunities not only to work on the case, but also to have one to one coaching with our trainers on your individual challenges in your businesses.


Sales, Shopper & Customer, Marketing, Detailing


26 October 2022


8.30am - 6pm



Full rate: £425+VAT
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