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Ringing the Changes

Ringing the Changes

Ringing the Changes

  • Change management – moving the company culture from Rx to Consumer focus
  • Changing the strategy from Rx to OTC is in line with the trends of the market
  • However it means the organization has to change
  • This change involves people, process, values: the culture
  • To change the organization we have to start with individuals

I’ve been keeping an eye on the many mergers and acquisitions happening in the last couple of years and notice from the work I’m being asked to do that many of you are either choosing to move, or having to move your company culture from RX to consumer focused. Let’s face it, nobody enjoys change, it can be unsettling and disruptive, even affect productivity and motivation if it’s not handled in the right way. This market trend of Rx to OTC is, I believe, set to continue in the foreseeable future. I meet people all the time facing the difficulties of unraveling their way through regional and global de-regulation, trying to anticipate what the future holds, whilst protecting and growing market shares and markets as best they can. Is there such a thing as steady growth any more? How can there be when you can’t anticipate what’s around the corner? Through luck or through insight, by chance or by choice? It really is up to you to decide.

My experience of change management is that to be successful you need to start by making sure your people are comfortable. They need to have the right tools to accept the new challenges that will no doubt lie ahead. That change will start with you, take a good look in the mirror, (never an easy task) and ask yourself whether indeed you feel prepared to take on these new opportunities and lead your team like a general into battle. They will be looking to you for leadership in new policies and procedures and these will, in turn, mean their values will also be altered, theoretically for the better, but very often this is not the case. On a positive note, I’ve seen well-managed change have a domino effect, eventually changing the culture and dynamics of a team or organization, which in turn helps them to grow both as individuals and team players. They become more valuable to the company (Win), therefore the company becomes more successful (Win), therefore the consumer healthcare market should potentially grow (Win). My suggestion, if you find yourself dealing with the implementation of change at any level, is to start with your people. Once they’re on board, the rest will flow.