Winning in Consumer Healthcare

Hilton Stockholm Slussen


• Introduction to global trends as an inspiration to the Nordic market
• Creating winning opportunities in Nordic pharmacies
• Building OTC Brands in the Nordics


• Understanding culture, role and perspective of key stakeholders (customers, HCPs, consumers and competitors)
• Finding inspiration to create the greatest competitive advantage for your brand
• Development of brand initiatives leading to sales opportunities and tailored solutions


Sales, Shopper & Customer, Marketing, Detailing

A unique opportunity to build essential skills for teams to Win in Consumer Healthcare, through a Brand Building approach, aligning all key departments and individuals with tips, techniques and pragmatic tools.

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Day 1: 18 November

Global & Local Trends, led by Steve Sowerby and Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen

08:30 Welcome, Objectives, Agenda and Ways of Working, Introductions

09:15: Winning in Consumer Healthcare

• To understand the importance of Insights for our Strategy

• How to develop Insights through focusing on key elements and key stakeholders:

Category, Brand and Competitors, Customers, Consumers and Trends.

10.15: Coffee Break

10:45: An Overview of Global Trends

• A review of Global Trends, based on the recently published “New Paradigms for

CHC 2019:Over the Horizon” Nicholas Hall report.

• A review of Local Trends, presented by Anne-Marie Hall Henriksen of Amazing Hall

13.00: Lunch

13.30: Deeper dive into Health and Wellness

• A review on the current Health and Wellness Trends

• Let’s be the weapon in our hero’s Self Care story –

How our brands support Consumers in their Self Care Journeys

15.30: Coffee Break

15.45: A Deeper Dive into Ageing and Digital

• To discuss the insights of the Ageing Consumers to inspire them to better Self Care

and build stronger Health Care Brands

• The Implications for Empowering, Informing and Inspiring our ‘Golden Age’

Individuals to Access and Live Better Self Care through Digital

17.15: Summary & Conclusions, which will lead off Day 2.

Day 2: 19 November

Digital Transformation with  New Life Builders, led by Trevor Gore & Shayne Garcia 

09:00: Welcome, Introductions and Review of Day 1 with the Winning in Consumer Healthcare Process

09.30: Understanding the Opportunity

• “Rethinking the Ageing opportunity” … Finding the new ways to look at our ageing populations as growth markets, why we should not think “old” but “New Life Builders”, the role of ageing people as targets and of their care-givers as targets, growth numbers, access and use to digital tools

11.00: Coffee Break

11.15: How to Transform your Business with Digital Solutions

1. How to React: Technology, Data, People

2. Defining your Digital Maturity Model for dealing with Ageing Populations

3. Discovering the Role of Digital for your Brand in Targeting Older Audiences

12.45: Lunch

13.45: Solidifying your Digital Strategy

• How to use the Pyramid and the loop method to strengthen your strategy

14.45: Building Benchmarks

1. What are the tools available to measure Success from major digital platforms

2. How to decide on what benchmarks, feedback and interaction with other messaging formats should be

15.15: Working Coffee Break

15.30: Building Benchmarks continued

16.20: Changing your brand ecosystem to grow the NLB opportunity

1. Moving from traditional to integrated omni-channel thinking

2. Quick checklist to encourage teams to re-think opportunities

17.00: Case Study Completion

17:30: Presentation of Cases & Key Learnings


18-19 November 2019


8.30am - 5.15pm


Hilton Stockholm Slussen
Guldgränd 8, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden
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Full rate: £1350+VAT
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